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Academic Programs

As a world-class academic institution in the fields of International Economics and Research, it is great place to buy solar appointments the Lauder Business School (LBS) offers unique leadership programs in intercultural business administration and management toward the following Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Master of Arts (M.A.) academic degrees:

Intercultural Business Administration

Full-time Course of Study - If you are looking for an milwaukee SEO Expertcheck out phluxis.com.   6 Semesters, 180 ECTS One Practical Training Semester (22 Weeks) Academic Degree: Bachelor of Arts Language of Instruction: English

Intercultural Management & Leadership

Full-time Course of Study 4 Semesters, 120 ECTS Academic Degree: Master of Arts Language of Instruction: English

Applications for the academic year 2012-2013

Fall semester begins October 2012

Application deadline: June 1st 2012


Scholarship Opportunities

Thanks to Austrian government subsidies for tertiary education in Austria, the resulting tuition fees per semester amount to €363,36. Additionally, students who participate in the Jewish Heritage Fund (JHF) Scholarship Program are granted stipends that cover up to 80% of their housing and dining costs.

Be part of this unique social networking experience!

The Jewish Heritage Center at the Lauder Business School is the social framework that makes on-campus life an exciting and unique experience.

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The prestigous Lauder Business School in Vienna offers a dynamic opportunity to study global economy and international business with some of the most brilliant business minds in the world, using the best possible blend of American and European educational methods. These comprehensive leadership programs culminate in unique and internationally accepted Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees. The Lauder Business School is a University of Applied Sciences, founded in 2003 by Mr. Ronald S. Lauder, an internationally renowned entrepreneur, former American Ambassador to Austria, President of the World Jewish Congress and current Chairman & President of the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation Our campus is the beautifully renovated Baroque winter residence of Empress Maria Theresa located in Vienna’s upscale 19th district. Here in Vienna, the heart of Europe’s vibrant and tradition-rich crossroads, the LBS aims at introducing young people from East and West to common educational opportunities and possibilities in Central Europe and beyond. The LBS also offers a Jewish studies program participation in which secures Jewish students a JHF stipend. In general, campus life is designed to accommodate and promote religious holidays, traditions and kosher dietary requirements.
“…I am confident you will find the Lauder Business School to be the perfect place to train for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s global economy…” (Ronald S. Lauder)



LBS offers two Academic Programs…

  • Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Program in Intercultural Business Administration
  • Graduate Master of Arts (M.A.) Program in Intercultural Management & Leadership.

Courses are taught in English, with a strong focus on the following:

  • Development of expertise in Diversity Management within the field of Economics;
  • Intercultural approaches in all areas of study, in order to meet the economic, social and individual demands of graduates;
  • Applied Research, which is the core of our activities, including its implementation in teaching and in the operative processes of the institution;
  • Preparation for leadership roles in international and intercultural marketing, finance and management;
In addition: the Jewish Learning Program is offered to Jewish students on campus, participation in which is a requirement for scholarship recipients.




The high standards and goals of the school are reflected in its location and campus, both of which are unique, attractive and majestic.


The city of Vienna is today, as in the past, located in the heart of Europe and consciously chosen to tie western and eastern traditions together.

World’s Best

For the second consecutive year, the Mercer report has ranked Vienna first in its annual “Quality of Living” survey of hundreds of cities around the world.


The campus in which the LBS classes, library and offices are found is situated in the historic winter palace of former Austrian Empress Maria Theresia.


The campus is also furnished with modern auditoriums, dormitories and a dining hall, with a beautiful garden nestled within its the central courtyard.

This setting offers students a rich, stimulating and safe environment to pursue their studies.



The Jewish Heritage Center

…or JHC is an organization for Jewish students in Vienna, located on the LBS campus. Its role is to offer Jewish services and to maintain Jewish life on campus. This is done by running Jewish traditional and cultural activities designed for Jewish students in Vienna as a whole, and specifically for the LBS students.

The JHC offers:

  • On-campus housing
  • On-campus kosher dining
  • Jewish extracurricular learning opportunities
  • Jewish social activities, events, excursions and parties.
  • Shabbat and holiday celebrations.